The Palace Of The Legends

[05.10.2018] Beta Phase
Our beta will start at Friday 5th of October, it will be pretty small in duration as most systems & features are working smoothly since we started from a perfect and very well tested db, Date [20:00GMT+2]

[13.10.2018] Grand Opening.
Oraco will be officially launched at Saturday 13th of October, Date [20:00GMT+2]


Facebook Page:
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Discord Server

General Server Information

Start Items & Resources
● Items(Avatar Dress).
● Items(Avatar Hat).
● Items(Gold Dragon Flag).
● Items(Devil's Spirit)5%.
● Buffs(105% Speed Increase 1Day).
● Items(Pet 11Day).
● Items(Instant Return Scroll 5k)


Auto Equipment.
» system Conflict
Your gear will automatically change on the following level stages seen on the pictures below.
● D1~D10 = Moon+3 FB.
● D11= NOVA+3 FB.


Beginner Room
We've added new room for beginners help them in level up "you can enter the room 2times per day".

Fancy items buyable with JC, Gold and Oraco Coins, Silk, Pika Coin
● buy new scroll Skills Chinese & Europe & Emoji
● Here you can buy new scroll and titles and Special job suits
● buy new scroll Mall, Mercenary


Item F10 Mall..
» A-lot of new and special items.
» Various of new items, pets etcetera (e.g. Lottery Scrolls)


Monster 110~120.

● Drop items Nova Degree:12 Degrees (Weapon&Shield&Armor&Accessory)=Enabled.
● Drop items Moon Degree:12 Degrees (Armor&Accessory)=Enabled.
● Drop items Moon Degree:12 Degrees (Weapon&Shield)=Disabled.
● Drop items Sun Degree:12 Degrees (Full)=Disabled.


Forgotten ( Baghdad(Dungeon)

● Monsters Drop Awakening
● Unique Boss Drop Collection Book 100%
● Box Drop Collection Book


Quest ( Baghdad(Dungeon)

● Quest Type 99 Time Only
● Quest Collection Book [Moon Degree:12 Degree] (Weapon)
● Quest Killer 20 Giant Overlord [Moon Degree:12 Degree] (Shield)
● Quest Killer 20 Abshad Force High General [Moon Degree:12 Degree] (Shield)


Quest Job

● Quest Type 99 Times Only
● Quest Killer 3500 Jupiter Monster [Level 118] (150Silk)
● Quest Killer 3500 Jupiter Monster [Level 120] (150Silk)


Chinese Balanced
We’ve added 5% Phy and Mag Passive Buff Skill in CH Characters in order to balance two Races


Trader System
The trade system is only active between the three cities and the gold ratio is set as 4x
We’ve added Honor Points on Trade System. Detailed information can be found in the job rank section.
Trade System will be available between Jangan – Downhang - Hotan


Weapon Effect
We've three effect Seal Of Nova - Seal Of Moon - Seal Of Sun

Seal Of Nova [Type] --> Power

Seal Of Moon

Seal Of Sun

Job Cave

Players can obtain Silk Scroll in Job Cave. The times are specified below and you can follow them through the server time. You can view the server time on the website.

Temple Of Arabian
We've added new uniques with special drop.
● Speed 140% 1day
● Immortal Stone
● Astral Stone
● Lucky Magic Power Devil (B)
● Lucky Power Devil (A)
●10Million & 100Million Gold Token
● Sabakun's Jewel


BeakYung The White Viper
BeakYung drop silk scroll.


Isro Stall
We've added Isro stall , now you don't need to open stall with your own character and play with your team easy.

Pika Event
We've added Pika Event Room , This event 10minutes only everyday
Monster drop Pika coin.