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Not reading this topic causes problems or lack of knowledge
related to the additional features added to our unique server.

Server Timezone:

(Coordinated Universal Time)
Current UTC — Coordinated Universal Time

Close beta:

Start: 22 July 2018
(08:00 AM) - UTC
End: 26 July 2018
(12:00 PM - UTC)

Open beta:
Start: 27 July 2018
(12:00 PM - UTC)
End: 10 August 2018
(12:00 AM) - UTC

All testing assistance is rewarded during the Grand Opening.

Grand Opened:
10 August 2018
(04:00 PM) - UTC

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Communication / Reporting:
You will be able to get in touch with us through our social medias and there's will be
the place where you can report the problems. Also, if you a guild master or party
leader and your friends meet some problem and you need to report
all of them, you have to list all of them in notepad and sending.



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LongRoad Trailer:
phpBB [video]

General Informations:
Cap: 90
Race: CH
Masterys: 300
Exp & SP: x15
Party Exp: x20
Drop rate: x10
Gold rate: x5
Alchemy: x1 (+5 - 100%)
Max Plus: +12 (no adv)

IP: x3
PC: x2
Job: x1
Fortress: x1

Starter items:
Inventory | 3 pages
MP X-Large | 1000 units
HP X-Large | 1000 units
Return Scrolls | 20 units
Reverse Return Scrolls | 5 units
Pet | White Wolf
Pick pet | Cat 7 days
Speed scrolls
| 10 units
Devil spirit | Devil Spirit (5%) 7 days
| (Black) Pirate Dress
Flag | Dragon Flag (1 STR/INT)
Premium (3%)
| 7 days
Skill points
| 30,000
Gold | 5,000,000

Max stacks:
Arrow / Bolts | 10000 units
HP/MP Pots | 5000 units
Vigors | 1000 units
Elixirs | 10000 units
Universal Pill | 1000 units
Purification Pill | 250 units

Vote for silks:
Every 12 hours you can collect 1 silks per voted link.

Silks for hour:
If you reach level 90. Your Online time will be counted and changed to free silks. Everything depends on your involvement.

How to get first:
(Seal of Star) - (Seal of Moon):

We've created Sealed Items that you can get from every monster you encounter in the game.

Seal of Star
After getting a normal item on +7, you can use the
Sealed Item on it and your item will change to SOS.

Seal of Moon
After getting a Seal of Star item on +7, you can use the
Sealed Item on it and your item will change to SOM.

(Legendary) Seal of Sun - Degree 9
Legendary - Keeper:


Every drop depens on the level range don't forget about it.

Balance between Weapons:

Job Temple location:
Trader / Hunter / Thief

How to get Job Temple Quests right?
phpBB [video]

Beginner Quests:
Summary you can get 450k when you finish all of them.

Gate of Ruler:
After doing the Quest (Preparation of Material 1) you will receive the Key of Bloodline.
This key gives you the opportunity to enter the Gate of Ruler for 10 minutes.
We can face there with extremely agile monsters that can drop Arena Coins.


(Gate of Ruler) Event Times:
# 08:00 - 08:10 AM (10mins)
# 10:00 - 10:10 AM (10mins)
# 02:00 - 02:10 PM (10mins)
# 04:00 - 04:10 PM (10mins)
# 08:00 - 08:10 PM (10mins)
# 10:00 - 10:10 PM (10mins)

Arena (Coin) Shop:
# Globals (11 unit pack) - Non tradable,
# Reverses (11 unit pack) - Non tradable,
# Immortal stone (Degree 9),
# [Red] Glow Pack,
# [Purple] Glow Pack,
# [Blue] Glow Pack,
# [Golden] Glow Pack.

Arena Exchanger (Glow packs):

Glow packs - Introduction:

If you decide to join the battle
you should talk with Arena Manager
on the right time.

Time/Duration (UTC):

# 05:54 ~ 06:26 AM (32min)
# 07:54 ~ 08:26 AM (32min)
# 09:54 ~ 10:26 AM (32min)
# 11:54 ~ 12:26 AM (32min)
# 01:54 ~ 02:26 PM (32min)
# 03:54 ~ 04:26 PM (32min)
# 05:54 ~ 06:26 PM (32min)
# 07:54 ~ 08:26 PM (32min)
# 09:54 ~ 10:26 PM (32min)
# 00:54 ~ 01:26 AM (32min)
# 01:54 ~ 02:26 AM (32min)
# 03:54 ~ 04:26 AM (32min)

When you killing enemy you getting
(1 silk per 1 kill).

1.) You allowed to kill same players max twice (2x)
2.) You allowed to kill maximum 20 players and get
reward for it (20 frags),
3.) You are not getting kills/rewards if enemy have
same IP Adress/HwID.

Job Temple (PVP)Event:
Frag reset time: 12:00 PM && 12:00 AM

1.) You allowed to kill same player max (2x) times
2.) You allowed to kill maximum 5 players and get reward for it (5 frags)
3.) You are not getting Reward if player have same (IP/Hwid) Adress

When you killing enemy you getting [Quest] Diamond.
# 1 kill = 1 [Quest] Diamond
If you want to check how much you already collected press (F10)
You will find there (pending) Quest Diamond. If you decide to change it
for stack value write on normal chat !diamond.

Honor Rank:
This system depends on Jobbing. You need to be a member
of the academy. After estabilsh you can start collecting
Honor points by leveling your Job (Trader,Thief,Hunter)

Honor rank (rates):
Level 4 (of any Job) - 2 Honor Points
Level 7 (of any Job) - 6 Honor Points

1.) Estabilish your Academy,
2.) Achieve an award-winning level,
3.) Log in into our account panel - Website

Ranking (refresh times):
12:00 PM UTC
12:00 AM UTC

The first fifth players in the ranking receives the title.

(Titans) Unique Buffs:

Lord Yarkan

Demon Shaitan

Important commands:

!diamond -
exchange (pending) Quest Diamonds.

!online - check Online Players count.

New design of Job Suits:


Skill modifications:

Permanent buffs: The buff can live with you till you die.
Imbue time: We set a new continue time for imbue and it is 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Bicheon Passive skill: Increase 10% of Critical chances.
(Intended for Sword and Blade)


Heuksal Passive skill: Increase 5% of Physical/Magical attack.
(Intended for Spear and Glavie)


Pacheon Passive skill: Increase 5% of Physical/Magical absorbation.
(Intended for Bow)

Golden Berserker:


Fellow Pets (passive):
Movement on it moves up to 200%.







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