Merhaba Silkroad Topluluğu
Uzun zamandır Silkroad Online'da yapılan değişikliklerle birlikte çok fazla sayıda private server duyuruldu. Öyle edit yapıyorlar ki GTA oynuyormuş gibi hissediyoruz.
Peki,Silkroad'da ki pvp sistemi hakkında konuşalım.
MMO dünyasının en eğlencei sistemlerinden biri Silkroad pvpsi. Neden serveri pvp odaklı yapmıyoruz?
Sadece pvp değil ama bir sürü işçiliği ve av sistemi ile oynarken hiç sıkılmayacaksınız.
Irklar ve guildler arasında gerçek bir yarış olacak.Herkes en güçlü olduğunu kanıtlamak isteyecek.
Gerçek bir pvp serveri arıyorsanız o zaman bu sizin aradığınız şey.

Serverdaki Kısıtlamalar

Başlangıç itemleri

- 1 Milyon Sp
- 5m Gold
- 3 Invertory Sayfa
- 10k Silk


Arena Coin: Battle arenadan ve eventlerden elde edebilirsiniz.
Copper Coin: Silahcıdan elde edebilirsiniz
Gold Coin: Arabian Uniqleri ve Job caveden elde edebilirsiniz.
Clarion Coin: Ctf ve kervandan elde edebilirsiniz.
Clarion Gift: Kervan ve Titan uniqlerinden elde edebilirsiniz.

- Bu shop size bazı moon itemleri verir.Moon itemleri alabilmek için sadece gold'a ihtiyacınız var.İstediğinizi seçmekte özgürsünüz ve buildiniz hakkında endişelenmeyin.

- Bizim arzumuz sizin konforunuzu sağlamak olduğu için sizin zaman kaybetmeden kazanabilceğiniz işe yarar scrolları Special Storeye ekledik. Siz göz kırpıncaya kadar masteryleriniz açılır.

- Bu npc'de ücretsiz 40'dan fazla avatar bulunmaktadır.

- Bu npcde özel dressler eklidir ve her updatede yenileri eklenmektedir ve bazı avatarları update geldikçe coin ile alabilrsiniz.

- Oyunda geçirdiğiniz zamanı kolaylaştırmak için bu npcmizde çeşitli scrollar vardır.Bunlardan bazıları özel emoji,premium,devil spirit,honor point scroll ve daha fazlası.

- Bu npc'mizde 70den fazla title mevcuttur.Top 3 en yüksek golda sahip oyuncular MoneyMaker titlesi alıcaktır.Tabikide job expi fazla olan insanlarda farklı titleler ile ödüllendirilicektir.

- Kervan dw-ht arasi ve special route üzerinden çekilicektir.
Special route'yi harita üzerinden gösteriliyor ve bu yol biraz daha fazla coin veriyor.

- Titan uniqleri her 6 saatte bir otomatik olarak spawn olur ve sizlere ödül olarak bir miktar clarion gift point verir.

Herkesin dikkatini çeken mükemmeler bir düello, honor bufflarınızı korumak için savaş. Herkesin zirve için çabaladığı bir savaş. Rütbenizi kaybetmek için çok tehlikeli bir yer. Herkes hızlı olup rakiplerin seni dışarı atmadan önce uniqueleri avlayın. Ayrıca clarion gifts point karşılığında npcden honor point scroll kazanabilirsiniz.

- HWT Unique görevi, ödül: elixir, lucky/steady stone, 1dg lucky powder veya immortal
Alexandria mob kesme görevi, ödül: arena coin
Samarkand mob kesme görevi, ödül: VIP skills






Vip Skill

Luck Scroll

Random Coin

A great system which gives you an absolute secured account that prevents the anonymous hackers and thieves from robbing your character, once you enable this system your account's items and currencies will be totally encrypted.


During the creating of this feature, we strove to ensure that anyone would be able to have the rights of writing a special, significant announcement which can be seen by the whole server, we granted you the chance to write a notice by buying a rare scroll from the shop then our BOT will hit you a message in order to receive your notice's content.


We have invented some marvelous character effects that shape the look of your character and grant it with a gorgeous flamboyance, it can be bought for special currencies.


An unusual scroll that gives you the possibility of modifying the shape of your weapon, which is totally outstanding, you would be more than glad to design your weapon with old degrees' shapes while remaining with the same strength.


We have designed 10 fresh weapon effects that can be applied to any weapon that you own, it gives you a totally amazing opportunity of enhancing your visual appearance.


We have added 3 extraordinary attack pets which are holding common weapons and have the will of assaulting with special attacking skills.


A notice will be written to congratulate the 50 players that had the real pretentiousness of holding seal of sun weapons firstly.

We have developed outstanding events that fill your daily schedule without even giving you a chance to draw your attention away; there will be automatic events daily which provide you with an opportunity of gaining **coins**.

An event which is available for everybody without even having a need to register, The event will take place at Donwhang East, all you have to do is to go there and wait till the event begins, once it starts, you got to attack the GM that appears with all your strength in order to deal the most damage, once the GM is dead, the winner's name will be announced.

It is an event where everything is based on your fortune, a lot of players likes to roll the dice and try their luck, so we have made an event that provides a fantastic challenge that proves how lucky are you, Our bot will write an announcement the moment that the event begins, you have to register for the event then start attempting to enchant the item that you are required to enchant, the one that gets the wanted enchantment level first will be the winner.

Another event which is all established on your luck, You are going to choose either to play safely and without risking anything which results in having more difficulties in the path of being the hero, otherwise, you can easily decide to take some risks and put your gold on the edge while seeking to win more, once the lottery starts you have to send our bot a message in order to apply, the bot will charge you a fine of 10 million, and you will have the opportunity of gainning all the participant's gold if you won.

We were absolutely thrilled while developing this automatic event, it is a fantastic warfare where thieves and hunters have the determination to kill the unique that spawns in the event's place, also, they're intending to kill each other in order to prevent the other job's players to prevent them from stealing the victory, you will need to use a combination of teamwork and skill to survive, once the event begins you will be recalled to an area while having your job suits on, and you have a diversified goals which are both killing the unique and defeating the enemies.

An ancient event which has a rare taste of using your interpretation and distinguishing skill, The bot will hide in some random, cryptic places and it will request you to find them, Our bot is acting like
an infantile bot so it's just revealing few details about its place, and you will have to figure out where is the bot sheltered, the first one that locates him will receive a decent reward.

Another event which requires your particular analysis and instinct, A brutal, dreadful and bloodthirsty monster is going to appear once the event starts, the BOT will provide some hints regarding the monster's location, and you will have to search and tear down the beast and his serious threat.

Prepare your instruments for a truly unparalleled fight experience, it asks you to have the will to uncover your hostile, overwhelming force that destroys everything, It is a pivotal, startling moment where you have to fight for supremacy on the fields of battle using your skill, intelligence, and destructive power, additionally it gives you the chance to manifest your abilities so that you can vanquish your foes and push yourself to victory.

We have created an event which gathers all the action into one battle, You have to register for the event then you will be teleported to an enormous area where you find all the other participants, Once the event starts you have to defeat every single player that participated in the event, and for each kill you will get 10 points, the one with the highest amount of points will be the wage earner.

Once the event is announced, you have to register you will be teleported to a random place on the map, the bot will choose a jinxed player randomly and will grant him a murder status, once the event begins, the wanted player will try to escape to a safe zone or dodge the other players' attacks till the event finishes.

Our bot will declare the commencement of the event and the place that it is going to be held at, all the participants are asked to open stalls, and one of them will be chosen randomly to be the victor.

An event that demands your attention, information, and intuition, furthermore, the bot will write a notice stating a question which has four answers and leaves the option for you to choose the right answer, the one that answers first will be the winner.

The event is based on calculation and luck, the bot will write a specific number, and you have to begin forming parties until you reach the required number, the one that has the desired party's number will be the winner.

- We are super excited to reveal our special commands which can be messaged to the bot in order to acquire some important information, for instance, firstly we have created a special command which is called info that gives you the server's information and the available commands, secondly, there's a command which is called unique that writes a list of the 5 recent killed uniques, also, a command which is "CG" that shows you how many clarion points do you have, plus, a command that is called "Honor" which makes you able to know details about the honor ranking and it's settings, in addition, a command that is called " Plus" which shows you the maximum available plus, last but not least, a command that is called "Coins" which permits you to have a look at the special coins and currencies that we have in our game.

Bot commands are given below. You can pm [BOT] with the followings commands.

(FROM)[BOT]: Cap:120
(FROM)[BOT]: Mastery:360
(FROM)[BOT]: JobRate:75x
(FROM)[BOT]: AlchmeyRate:1x
(FROM)[BOT]: JobBased
(FROM)[BOT]: for more information send
/coins,/cg,/honor,/uniques,/events,/plus to me ..

(FROM)[BOT]: Arena Coins:you can obtain arena coins from battle arena and events
(FROM)[BOT]: Copper Coins:you can obtain copper coins from blacksmith shop
(FROM)[BOT]: Gold Coins:you can obtain gold coins from the arabian uniques and job temple.
(FROM)[BOT]: Clarion Coins:you can obtain clarion coins from ctf and trade
(FROM)[BOT]: Clarion Gift:you can obtain clarion gift from trade and titan uniques

(FROM)[BOT]: Your Clarion Gift is 0 there is 120 clarion gift left to reach your daily limit
(FROM)[BOT]: Clarion Gift limit is going to rest every 24 hours at 12:00 am

(FROM)[BOT]: Your Honor Point is 128 your rank is 1 out 50
(FROM)[BOT]: HonorPoint is going to rest every 12 hours

(FROM)[BOT]: The 5 Last Unique Kills:
(FROM)[BOT]: Tiger Girl has been killed by Unknown
(FROM)[BOT]: Uruchi has been killed by Unknown
(FROM)[BOT]: Isyutaru has been killed by Unknown
(FROM)[BOT]: Creberus has been killed by Unknown
(FROM)[BOT]: Captain Ivy has been killed by Unknown

/events = This command allows characters to check out their weekly limit(s) from each particular point obtaining way.
(FROM)[BOT]: we have some funny auto events to make it easier to play w/o donating all you need to do is to join our events and do your best

(FROM)[BOT]: max plus with no adv=16,with adv=20

Last but not least, We have committed a fair policy by disabling the donations for 2-3 weeks in order to assure the equitable beginning and the donations won't be for a high enhanced kits, it'll be for arena coins so it's just a way of getting a thing in a less time, but normal users still manage to beat the donors with their silkroad experience for sure, I wish that you won't be uttering with pay2win murmur because pay2win means that you have no method to gain an item that gets paid for, while play2win means that you can get the bought items but with a slower method, eventually everyone will get the same gears and it's all about your intelligence and your silkroad experience.

We would like to announce that we'll have a signature contest which is pretty easy, all you have to do is to put our logo as your elitepvpers signature and reply with your in game name in order to win 100 arena coins as a reward.