[*]Become level 80 and Accept the Quest

[*]Information about the Quest
[*]Go into the job mode Thief / Hunter / TraderTeleport to Styria Clash and begin the fight against player and boss
[*]Pagan Box can drop 1 Talisman by a Chance from 10%
[*]Surtur can drop 1-3 Talisman by a Chance from 30%

[*]Ragnarok - Fate of the Gods Collection[*]Dark Water Talisman[*]Ragnarok Flame Talisman[*]Gods Time Talisman[*]Edda Talisman[*]Gjallarhorn Talisman[*]Mjolnir Talisman[*]Odin's Eye Talisman[*]Fenris Wolf Talisman
[*]Yggdrasil's Soul / God of War Tyr

[*]Yggdrasil's Soul Skills & Buff / God of War Tyr Skills & Buff