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      Grand Opening 19.06.2020 17:00

      Website : http://Vehalla.Online
      Facebook : Vehalla-Online
      discord : https://discord.gg/t3rtDZx

      Cap| 110
      Server Type | PVE
      Race| Chinese & Europe
      Masteries CH/EU| 360
      Degree| 11(A&B)
      Exp Solo| 85x
      Exp Party| 90x
      Item Drop| 10x
      Gold| 10x
      Alchemy| Max +23
      Alchemy rate| 1,5x
      Silk per hour| 1000
      Guild limit| 50
      Union limit| 8
      FGW| disable
      Battle Arena| Enabled
      Fellow Pets| Available
      Fortress war| JG
      IP LIMIT : Unlimited


      GRAND OPEN 19.06.2020 At : 20:00 GMT+2

      ☻☻☻☻Bienvenidos A Silkroad Vehalla☻☻☻☻

      Race: EU&CH
      Exp Party: 25x
      Item Drop: 4x
      Gold drop: 10x:
      CTF: Yes ?
      Battle Arena: Yes
      Drop Vehalla Coin Mobs Lvl 109
      DDoS Protected: Yes
      Silk/hour : Yes

      Droprate x1
      IP Limit:unlimited
      PLUS Limit:23
      Gold drop:x10

      #Automatic Event`s
      1-Automatic Trivia Event.
      2-Automatic Kill The GM Event.
      3-Automatic Hide & Seek Event.
      4-Automatic Lucky Party Number Event.
      5-Automatic Uniques Event.
      6-Automatic Last Man Standing Event.

      We understand how boring is the game without some real heavy activites such as automatic events, also its a great method for getting coins. So, we added much event that will help you to fill your needs.

      Automatic Kill the GM Event
      Its very common event, when you see the notice for the event, jump to jangan south and start killing the GM to earn the coins!

      Automatic Hide & Seek event
      The BOT will hide at some point and will give you some hints about where he at, you have to search for him to win the event.

      Automatic Trivia Event
      The bot will use Globals as main source of communication, you just need to Private message the {bot?} and if you get the answer right you will recieve the reward, It is located in Hotan

      Automatic Lucky party number event
      Bot will global a random number and you need to use party matching feature to get the right number for example 395, It is located in Donwhang
      Automatic Last man standing event
      Last man standing is very entertaining event, it will be daily event, you have to pm BOT with #LMSREGISTER to participate!

      Automatic Unique event
      Regular unique event will start when the BOT announce it, location will be provided in the notice.

      Automatic Alchemy event
      The BOT will announce the event in a notice, and will drop items near HOTAN STORAGE you have to pick as many as you can and reach the desired plus in-order to win at the event.

      Automatic Lottery Event
      You will register when the BOT announce the begin of the event, it will charge you only 500 vehalla coins. The winner who win the lottery will take all the silk that the players paid

      Automatic Job Room Unique
      There will be a special room that can be entered only with job suit, a uniques will appear there and all players can enter with job suit and start fighting, all uniques will drop silk scrolls and immortal stones. Each unique you kill will get you 500 vehalla coins.

      Automatic Trivia Event
      The bot will ask question with scrambled word and you have to guess and get it right to win.

      Support us by using our signature. All you have to do it to copy one of these two codes and use it in your signature, you will receive (500) vehalla coins as reward for supporting and comment in the thread with your charname to claim your prize.

      #Wanted System ' Hero Mode '

      -Another awesome feature & idea.
      We have made a Hero mode that will allow you to
      receive some certain buffs for killing enemy players
      from an opponent job union. The starts you will get
      are % physical and magical damage, % Parry and
      Attack rate and % lucky increase. Also you will get
      str & int based on the hero mode level.

      There are 5 kind of buffs:
      15 Kills in row = 1%
      30 Kills in row = 2%
      50 Kills in row = 3%

      Cheating ?
      - You wont get any kills count from the same person
      more than 3 times.
      - You can only earn points by killing players at
      Donwhang east
      - You have to kill players 105+ in order to get points
      - If you die while jobbing your hero mode skill will be
      tacken away from you.

      • Coin system.
      • Original Avatars and New Avatars.
      • New Thief Avatar.
      • Fellow pets.
      • Custom skill effects.
      • unique summon scrolls.
      • Arabia town
      • New Special TItle names.
      • Stones at npc.
      • Battle arena.
      • Old School Trading.
      • Potions and Pills Stackable to 500.
      • Stones Stackable to 50.
      • Enable Advanced Elixirs +2
      • New Zone PVP.
      • New Zone For uniques Event.
      • New Area.
      • Petra Fully Working.
      • New Teleports.
      • Premium stats 20%.
      • Job Temple.
      • Auto Pvp Event.
      • Added New Speed Scrolls.

      Start Items in Vehalla Online

      New Avatars For [ Normal Coins ] To Get Normal Coins From CTF-Arena Flag

      To Get Normal Coins

      Egy [A] For 1 gold

      Egy +8 For Vehalla coins

      Coins From Mobs Lvl 109

      Stone 1 Gold

      new items for vehalla coins

      Join Us to Know More ..

      Cap : 110
      PVP Server
      System Coin's
      New Avatar's
      Old Avatar's
      New Pet's
      New Area
      New Event's
      24/7 Online
      Free Silk

      Egy [A] From NPC For 1 Gold ..

      Egy From NPC For Coin's

      To Get Coins From Mobs Lvl 109 in Alex ..

      You Can Make Plus Like Donate ..

      Service 24/7

      Title Scroll's in NPC For Coin's
      Zerk Point in NPC For Coin's
      HP/MP 4100 For Coin's
      Hummer Fortress War in NPC For Coin's
      Damage For Coin's
      Devil - [A] For Coin's
      Prem 20% For Coin's
      Lucky Magic Powder [ Devil ] For Coin's

      __________________________________________________ ____

      Weekly Event's : [ PVP Event Weekly - Unique Event Weekly ]
      Reward Weekly Event [ Title Name ]

      Unique Rank Event [ 1st - 2nd - 3rd in Unique Rank Will Win ]
      Reward Unique Rank [ Title Name ]

      Fortress War [ Jangan Only ]

      Time Fortress War : [ SunDay - Wednesday ]

      Host Info:
      1GB Connection
      Hosted in German

      Join Us Now To Get More Fun ...

      i Hope You Like Vehalla Online .
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