Greetings Silkroad Community!

We know most of you have been looking for a reliable server to play with your friends and enjoy original content. We're honored to present you Cosmic Game, created for all the players in search of an exciting adventure, experience, distinct features and much more. After months of soul crushing effort, we proudly present our 110 Cap PVE Server.

Why Would You Join Our Server:

Our developers have been playing Silkroad Online players for years, on official servers as well as on private servers. After gaining experience and realizing what other servers lacked and what they had ruined by overcompensating for their shortcomings, we decided to start our own server mainly focusing on maintaining the SRO experience and improving on it as much as possible without breaking the SRO spirit.
what do you think?

Our Goal?

In this project is to create a friendly community within our server. Please note that we will take all your suggestions during beta and that we are focusing on long term. We will also be updating the game with new things for everyone to enjoy. All your suggestions will be taken make sure to write them down & don’t forget to join our Discord Server


During the beta period, we will collect all your suggestions, as well as fix any bugs that occur, so that nobody will encounter any types of problems on the grand opening. We will also make sure to reward players who report bugs to us. Please make sure that all your suggestions also are written in our Discord server.
You will get free silks & gold also we added a NPC Located in Alexandria North for items so you can test everything and give us the feedback!

Monday ~ 27/1/2020 (Which has ENDED)
08:00 PM ~ (GMT +2)

Server will be taken offline for maintenance on 30/1/2020 11:00 PM GMT +2 to prepare for the grand opening.

Grand Opening

Friday ~ 31/1/2020
08:00 PM ~ (GMT +2)

Information | Value
Level Cap| 110
Mastery Cap | 330
Degree | 11
Race | EU&CH
EXP | x250
Alchemy | 3x
DROP | x5
GOLD | x5
Job Rate | 15x
Plus | +12 without adv +14 with adv
Fortress | Hotan
Free Diamond Events & Uniques | Yes
Botting | ALLOWED
Silk Per Hour | Active on level 95 1H 1Silk
IP Limit | 6
PC Limit | 4
PC Limit CTF | 1
PC Limit Arena | 1
PC Limit Trade/hunter/thief | 1
PC Limit Fortress war | 1
PK | Disable
Egy A | Enabled (Forgotten World Talisman)
JOB TEMPLE | Enabled
MAGIC POP | Enabled
Equipment | Degree 1 ~ Degree 10 Normal Items +3 FB
Sun & Nova Drops | iSro Default 101~110 Mobs

Everyone can be good but to be special is hard, we will be sending the best start up item’s you will ever meet at any silk road server’s hope you all have a good start and much fun.

2000 HP Recovery potion (X-large)
2000 MP Recovery potion (X-large)
20 Beginner Return Scroll
50 Reverse Return Scroll
20 Instant Return Scroll
10 Drug of typoon
3 Day Grab Pet
3 Day Devil's Spirit B grade

How It Works: Press keep holding ALT and put your mouse on the item in your inventory/npc/exchange..etc to compare to your equipped one on the tooltip.

Special thanks to: #HB

Samarkand <-> Alexandria
Buy 52M
Sell : 200M

We're adding auto equipment system to make sure you won't have much troubles early on in the server and you can start grinding for your gear without tough suffering,also to help you leveling up faster.
Your items will change automatically when you reach the level for the next degree,it'll be Normal +3 Full Blue
It works from degree 1 up to degree 10

These are required to obtain 1x Weapon Egy-A:
Note: You can get EgyA Shield only from Sereness (Which is the Final Boss in FGW) Drop Rate is low. So don't complain about it

Broken key
Large tong
Phantom harp
Evil's heart
Vindictive spirit's bead
hook hand
Commander's patch
Sereness's tears

Job Temple Unique's drop the following coins which are listed below. Which you need to collect to complete EGY A or B Gear.

Monster | Minimum | Maximum | Rate | Drop
Selket | 5 | 10 | 80% | Silver Coin & Copper Coin
Neith | 5 | 10 | 80% | Silver Coin & Copper Coin
Isis | 5 | 3 | 75% | Gold Coin & Iron Coin
Anubis | 5 | 3 | 75% | Gold Coin & Iron Coin
Haroeris | 1 | 5 | 100% | Gold Coin & Iron Coin
Seth | 1 | 5 | 100% | Gold Coin & Iron Coin

Holy Water Temple Unique's drop the following coins which are listed below. Which you need to collect to complete EGY A or B Gear.

Monster | Minimum | Maximum | Rate | Drop
Sphinx | 5 | 10 | 12% | Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Nephthys | 5 | 10 | 12% | Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Osiris | 5 | 10 | 12% | Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Horus | 5 | 10 | 12% | Copper Coin & Silver Coin
Sekhmet | 5 | 10 | 12% | Copper Coin & Silver Coin

Killer gets from 1~50 Random Diamonds from the unique's that are listed below. So if you're lucky you can earn a lot & enjoy as well.

Unique's Appear/Spawn every 2 hours after been killed.

Uniques | Reward
Tiger Girl | 1~50 Diamonds
Cerberus | 1~50 Diamonds
Captain Ivy | 1~50 Diamonds
Uruchi | 1~50 Diamonds
Isyutaru | 1~50 Diamonds
Lord Yarkan | 1~50 Diamonds
Demon Shaitan | 1~50 Diamonds

Killer gets the following Diamonds that are listed below.

Uniques | Reward
Neith | 50 Diamonds
Selket | 50 Diamonds
Isis | 50 Diamonds
Anubis | 50 Diamonds
Haroeris | 100 Diamonds
Seth | 100 Diamonds

The Teleport is located in Alexandria North. You need to wear your JOB Suite to enter the following Unique's Rooms.

Unique's Appears/Spawns every 4 hours after been killed.

Uniques | Drop | Rate
Kidemonas | 2x Immortal & 1 Scroll Random 1 ~ 100 | 100%
Merikh | 2x Immortal & 1 Scroll Random 1 ~ 100 | 100%
Khulood | 2x Immortal & 1 Scroll Random 1 ~ 100 | 100%
Karkadann | 2x Immortal & 1 Scroll Random 1 ~ 100 | 100%
Giant Overlord | 2x Immortal & 1 Scroll Random 1 ~ 100 | 100%
Devil Benepika | 2x Immortal & 1 Scroll Random 1 ~ 100 | 100%

We have changed a little bit in Capture The Flag. Now you can get Trophy's Collect 10x Trophy's & Honor Buffs. Exchange 10x Trophy's with any So-Ok NPC Located in all the towns.

Q: What will we get from the Trophy's?
A: Arena Coins to purchase EGY Accessories. Random Rate from 10~100 Arena Coins

Q: How do we get Honor Buff's?
A: You get Honor Buff's by killing in Event So-Ok. 1 Kill = 1 Point

NOTE: You need to register Academy in order to receive your honor buffs points.

We are testing Honor Buffs atm if you got a good suggestions please make sure to write it down.

All the timings you need is going to be available on our website. Here

Please Read:
I'm not the owner of the server I'm just a Discord Administrator,
Please NOTE that this server is created to make a friendly community and to have fun around.
We will hear all your suggestions here and on Discord. To make sure everyone has a good time while they play on Cosmic Online. Cheers

Signature Event Duration
(27/1/2020 Until ~ 31/1/2020 )

Well Ladies & Gentlemen we know its important to build connections with other players, so we decided to make something a little bit interesting & spicy in the same time. As soon as you join our Discord Server make sure to write a comment below on this thread with your Discord Name & Tag (Example) WhyKillMyFox#7586 Make sure its correct and u used small letters and caps letters. You will be receiving 50 Diamonds. Wait a minute its not over yet another 100 Diamonds on Epvp Signature make sure to write your IGN down below so you can receive 100 Diamonds Babyeh. Yes you read it correctly :P. You will receive your diamonds on the Grand Opening 31/1/2020 Don't be lazy tho its just few clicks won't even take 60 seconds :P Cheers everyone.

PHP- Kodu:
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