Artemis Online 100 Cap is designed to provide a different gaming experience to gamers. Designed with the innovative face of Artemis platform, it invites you to an adventure full of excitement and adventure.

F8-OVH Servers Infrastructure With '' 0 Lag '' '' 0 Delay '' There is no doubt that it will offer you a unique game.

With 100 Cap, one of the most legendary cap schemes of Silkroad adventure, only the Chinese race is open; You will experience the excitement with competitive battle environments! Artemis is based on labor and success; Gain patience, effort and strategy! Build with the 330 Mastery limit, you'll be back in the legendary and unforgettable excitement of the Chinese race with strategic moves!

Depending on the game weave, Drop and Box are installed on our server, you can bring your character to the best places with items you will drop from the mobs in the game.

Now it is time to share with you the details of the Artemis server, which is highly anticipated and which you will often hear on all platforms.

10.000 HP & MP
500 Adet Reverse Scroll
20 Adet Instant Scrol
3 Günlük %100 Speed
3 Günlük Toplama Peti
5 Adet %10 defans scroll
5 Adet Buffalo
1 K gold
500 k Skill Point
10 Adet Rudolph

In Artemis, you will be rewarded as you spend time through your struggles as in this drop system. The more you struggle, the more the rewards are. Those who are lucky and who spend more time will be automatically rewarded in items. The drop rates of SoX items, which will be important in this game as follows. SoS Items will have a normal drop rate, and SoM’s will be dropped very rarely.
You will need to work harder for better items.


Seal Of Star +1.5
Seal Of Moon +3


GodSend System has been added to game since it has been liked very much

SkyTemple has been activated.
It has 3 uniques located inside, which will drop required quests to open GodSend skills.
SkyTemple lasts 30 minutes after it has been activated
You can attend only once in a day
PC limit has been set as 1. In a day you can only enter once from a PC
Daily attendance reset time is at 00:00 (GMT+3) Turkey time
What is GodSend? What does it do?
They are the skills that have more damage. Every build will have its own GodSend Skill.
To get GodSend you will have to finish some quests.

Quest Name: GodSend Skill (Daily Quest)
NPC: Quest Manager (Downhang)
What to do: Looting items from 3 unique in SkyTemple.
Explanation: In Exp and Item shared parties, everyone will have their own loot at the same time
Reward: 30m Skill Point

Arabia Map has been re-set as New Dungeon
You can go inside After creating Item&Exp Share party.
For entrance you will have to buy '' Artex Entry Ticket '' From Special NPC for 50m
Before entering, don’t forget to get the quest '' Artex SOM Box ''
In the Garden there 3 Uniques. From these uniques quest items drop.
To finish this quest, you will need 3 Pieces of quest item
This quest can be completed only once in a day
For the missing quest items, you can continue the day after from where you left.
The instance only lasts for 30 minutes.
This dungeon can be entered from 1 Character and 1 PC in a day.
Which means you cant enter another instance that day.
The uniques inside may be hard, so try to get as many people as possible
When you kill a Unique with party, everyone gets 1 Piece of quest item with a chance of 100%

-To enter the Garden you need your Job Suit on.

-Inside, 3 uniques and competition will be waiting for you

Unique Drop

1 Adet %100 ACC Box
[%70 SoS ]
[%30 SoM ]
3 Adet Sabukan
3 Adet Global
2 Adet İmmortaL
2 Adet AstraL

Job Cave Uniques spawn at certain times.
Job Cave entrance is located in Downhang
You will get rare items from these unique, where the job wars will be heated up.

-1x %100 Acc Box
-4x %100 Magic PoP Card
-4x %100 Global Chatting
-2x %100 İmmortal

-1x %100 Acc Box
-4x %100 Magic PoP Card
-4x %100 Global Chatting
-2x %100 İmmortal

-1x %100 Acc Box
-4x %100 Magic PoP Card
-4x %100 Global Chatting
-2x %100 İmmortal

-1x %100 Acc Box
-4x %100 Magic PoP Card
-4x %100 Global Chatting
-2x %100 İmmortal

Trading point of the game is shown in the map ( Downhang<---->Petra )

Trader Item Purchase=100m

Trader Item ReSell=250m (150m Profit)

Thief Reward=100m

In Job mode, there will be 15 seconds cooldown. So, the abuse of the Returning and teleportation will be gotten rid of

Job Point System Isn’t available
Zerk can’t be used while in Job mode

Inside the Petra Trading room, Special Trader NPC has been added. During the Special Trading times, you can buy Special Items from here.
The Trading transport is Maxed with 100m. When trade to Downhang you will be rewarded as 350m (250m Profit)
Thief reward will be 150m
Special Trade route is only one way direction


You can gain Honor while in Job Mode

The Requirement and the Limitations are as follows:

-2 Honor point will be gained for each player you kill
-1 Honor point will be lost when you die
-You can get honor point from the same person for once in a day
-In a day you can get maximum of 10 Points and Lose 5 points

In our game, Tiger Girl-Uruchi-Isyutaru-Lord Yarkan-Demon Shaitan Unique are included
These unique, spawn in [ INT ] ve [ STR ] mode.
To make these unique important, valuable items has been added to

[ INT ] & [ STR ]

-1x %50 LMP [ 1 DG ]
-1x %50 Magic Pop Card

40~60 Dk Respawn

[ INT ] & [ STR ]

-1x %100 LMP [ 1 DG ]
-1x %50 Magic Pop Card

40~60 Dk Respawn

[ INT ] & [ STR ]

-1x %100 LMP [ 1 DG ]
-1x %100 Magic Pop Card
-1x %40 Global Chatting
-1x %30 İMMORTAL

40~60 Dk Respawn

[ INT ] & [ STR ]

-1x %100 LMP [ 1 DG ]
-1x %100 Magic Pop Card
-1x %100 Global Chatting
-1x %40 İMMORTAL

40~60 Dk Respawn

[ INT ] & [ STR ]

-2x %100 LMP [ 1 DG ]
-2x %100 Magic Pop Card
-1x %100 Global Chatting
-1x %50 İMMORTAL

60~75 Dk Respawn

We have no doubt that, the Valuable drops of the Medusa will be the place for competition.
It will only be spawning once in a day and drops the following items

-1x %100 Seal Of Moon
-8x [10] Silk Scroll
-4x Global Chatting
-4x İmmortal
-3x Astral
-4x Sabukan

NOTE: The player who kills the Medusa will gain 100 Silk
Medusa spawns in its original Location. The entrance is located behind the Downhang storage


Occurs only once in a day. When the event time arrives, you can teleport to Madness arena from Downhang. You will automatically put cape on in here.
While trying to kill [ INT ] ve [ STR ] Maddness Uniques in here, you will have to defend yourself from other players.
Firstly [ INT] spawns. After INT, [ STR ] will spawn.
So, for INT and STR players, there will be something to fight for.

Madness Drop ;
-2x 100 ACC BOX
-4x Global Chatting
-8x [10] Silk Scroll
-2x İmmortal
-4x Astral Stone

NOTE: The player who kills the Madness Unique will gain 100 Silk


Survival System has been activated and it is an important way to gain Honor Point through the kills you get inside.
Survival Event is 3 times in a day. To register, whisper the ARTEMIS character with #SURVIVAL

Zerk and Party are disabled in Survival
Each kill gives you 2 Honor Points and lose 1 point when you die
You can gain/lose for once from one player


Brutal Even has been added

Brutal is once in a day. During the register times, whisper to the ARTEMIS character with #BRUTAL

In Brutal, Party is disabled, but ZERK IS OPEN FOR USE
When you die in Brutal, you will be sent to the City
You will gain ''10 Silk'' for each person you kill.
During this event, you can gain up to Maximum of 100 Silk.


During the certain periods of day ‘BOSS’ named character will spawn at the South gate of DOWNHANG.
Whoever kills this character in Cape mode, gains ’20 Silk’


During the certain periods of day, ‘BATTLE GOLEM’ will spawn randomly in the map.
Whoever kills them According to the Hints given, will gain ’20Silk’


During the certain periods of day, Announcement will be made through Notice saying a party number.
The lucky player who forms the specific party number will gain ’50 Silk’
NOTE: The reward of the event will be added to Chest (Yellow icon) below minimap


-All Standard Buffs have 2 Sec casting time
-The buffs will remain until you teleport or exit the game
-We saved you from the boring struggle of buffing.
-Even if you die, the buffs will still remain

-Force Cure and Cure Therapy series are tied together, and it has 25Sec of Cooldown and it can only remove 1 debuff
-The skills in the Heal Series are tied together. Cooldown is set to 6Seconds (up from 3)
-Vital Spot Spirit and Vital Spot Muscle have 5 seconds of Cooldown (up from 2)
-Vital Spot Body, Vital Spot Mind and Vital Spot Brain skills have 12 Seconds of Cooldown (down from 20). Debuff applying chance is
%45( down from %80). When applied, it will last 20 Seconds on the target.
-Vital Spot Zero (Impotent) has 40% of chance to apply and if applies it will last 15 seconds (cooldown is 20 seconds)


- Cold Imbue and Damages of nukes have been increased, it got close to the lightning damage (Fire>Lightning>Cold balance has been maintained)
-Cold Wall Skills have 30Seconds of Cooldown
-Snow Shield requires 300 INT and Unavailable for STR characters

-Fire Shield Skills have been rearranged. (Poisoning, Freezing etc, resistance have been increased)
-Fire Wall Skills are tied together and have 30 Seconds of Cooldown


-Arrow Combo skills have 6 Seconds of Cooldown

We Care about the in-game trading. Therefore, for a safer trading, we have added the Silk scrolls to the F10 Item Mall.
These scrolls can be traded and acquired for desired amount of silk as written.

Soon Will be added.

FTW Detail: Hotan & Jangan Fortresses are active
FTW PC Limit: 1 (From the same PC, if 2nd character was attended to be logged in it will be Disconnected
FTW Register Time: [ Until SUNDAY 19:25]
FTW Tax Time: Monday: [00:00-23:30]

You will be able to see which guild killed how many players from the little screen at the bottom right

-In our Game PC Limit is 2. However, at the start of the game it will be set as ‘1’.
-It will be set to ‘2’ according to how game goes.
-HONOR RANK will be Reset on every WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY at 23:30
-Astral and Immortal can be bought both from F10 and NPC (Gold)
-Reverse Scrolls are free
-Dress and Gold Dragon Flag’s are added [ INT+5 / STR +5 ]
-Magic Pop Card is added to F10. Also can be acquired from the Uniques
-ADV system is not available. And trading with silk will not be active
-Premium Plus has 10% Lucky, 5% Alchemy Probability, and +25% EXP&SP increasing feature.
-Devil’s can be maximum +3. Even if you manage to make it +4, the buffs will remain as if it is +3