Let's Try this easy system with Unique - Coin , for all have same chances to get last Weapon / Set / Accessory and to be Play2Win .

Server Open 29.12.2019

Info Value
Level Cap 110
Mastery Limit 330/220
Race Ch/Eu
Exp. Rate 10x
Party Exp. Rate 10x
Gold Rate 5x
Items Drop 25x
Sos Drop 20x
Stone Drop 10x
Elixir Drop 1x
Job Rate 10x
Guild Limit 24
Forgotten World Disabled
Academy Enabled
Magic Pop Enabled
Silk Per Hour Disabled
Auto Equipment Enabled(3~9DG)
Alchemy Rate 3x
Alchemy Limit +15(MAX)
Advanced Elixir Enabled
IP limit 4

The first 7 days you start with 500 Silk

Auto Equipment from level 14 to level 99.

Autoevent all 30min.

The stones drop with 10%

The uniques respawn all 15min and u get Silk as reward.

The trderade is 10 times.

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Add Vigor Egy A/B to the shios.

Gallery 2

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We have add a coin system.

Mega Gold you can buy.

Mega Coins are dorped in JanganCave

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