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Grand opening
Grand opening, which will be on 15th of November at 18:00 GMT + 2
Beta Phase
Be ready, Beta stage will be on 8th of November. 18:00 GMT + 2

Basic informations:

Server Information

HWID Limited:

Max Stack:
Start Items .:
Eternos Points:
Arabian uniques:

Honor Buff:

Silver, Copper Coins:

Job Reward:

Titles Color.

Auto Equipment till 10DG +5 Full Blue. When you got PM [BOT]

Balanced chinese race (increased to 20%) .:

Plus Notification:

AFK Bubble:

Weapon Effect Red - Yellow:

Character session lock system:
[SPOILER] Character session lock system will lock your account temporarily and you wont be able to exchange / stall / drop / move / etc.

Type! Lock <4digit password> in "All chat" window to lock your character, to remove the lock type! Unlock <yourpassword>
The lock will be automatically removed if you log off or disconnected. [/ SPOILER]
Forgotten World Collection Shipwreck:
[SPOILER] FGW system with the regular reward {Egy A weapons} . [/ Spoiler]

You can get pillars from NPC For Silk and Iron Coin, and you can get the avatars from item Mall For Silk, NPC at Hotan Near Stable.

New Growth Pet.

Signatures Events # 1
You can use one of our signatures to be rewarded with 250 silk! comment in the thread to claim your prize.
Eternos | CAP 110 | CHN & EU