Hello joymax, my name is Coin¥, I am a professional 3D Designer .. and I am working in this category from 5 years, so I have a lot experience, I was working only for my own projects, but from my watch to the community I noticed that in this time it needs more 3D new designs, for Pets, Uniques, Avatars, etc..

Today I decided to share a piece of my work .. free! here we go.
Picture attached.

Time to download link.

Notice:- You can use it as a grab pet and trade pet.

For custom orders, feel free to contact me.
I can help you to design a new global :-

  • Unqiues.
  • Ride Pets.
  • Attack Pets.
  • Grab Pets.
  • Weapons Styles.
  • Avatars.

- Stay updated for more by following my new facebook page.